If you contacted (or heard for the SWL) Dieppe Radio Club and that you wish to receive the QSL card, send your via the bureau of the Ref.-union or direct with a green stamp or IRC to QSL manager :

F5IDB Eric JOSSE ; 53 rue du vieux puits ; 76510 Dampierre St Nicolas


1st QSL of DRC
2nd QSL of DRC.
The same with FF1LUM
1st in color
2nd in color
Ailly lighthouse (1997 et 1998)
Ailly lighthouse 1999
Ailly lighthouse 2000
Ailly lighthouse 2001,
TM6OC and Ailly lighthouse 2002
Ailly lighthouse 2003 to 2005
2008 QSL spécial
30ème anniversary of DRC
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