One finds the first Citizen Band enthusiasts as of the end of the Sixties. Some daring French, of return of America start to bring back stations of CB, and others, to buy some in the supermarkets reserved for the American troops of occupation of Germany. One even murmurs as first stations CB contributed to the success of the demonstrations coeds of May 68: the police did not return from there, the posts of the students were more sophisticated than theirs.

It is in the end of the Seventies,that a group of "pirate of the waves" decides to meet and form a club governed by the law on associations of 1901. In March 1979 statutes its deposited with the prefecture, and Dieppe Radio Club was born. At the beginning without room, the DRC came to install in an unused water tower in Neuville les Dieppe on the road which carries out to Ancourt

Our first club house


Some of these impassioned radio pass their examination of radio ham and by the same occasion ask a callsign for the club. In July 1986 the administration allots FF1LUM to the DRC. Since this date, CB enthusiasts, listner and radio hams in the same club cohabit. In 1993, for reasons of town planning, the town hall decides to demolish our room. So that a new disused water tower is allotted to us and always on Neuville les Dieppe


Membres in 1989


Our new club house

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