TM6OC, is the special callsigne that the DRC took to commemorate the 60 th anniversary of the landing of the Canadian soldiers on the beaches of Dieppe and its surroundings.
For this occasion us summons itself to install with the Ailly lighthouse on the commune of Sainre Marguerite sur mer (the western beach of the raid Jubilée) also benefitting from the weekend from the headlights and lightships.
During this activation we contacted a hundred contries with more than 1500 QSO in the log.



The operation, code name Jubilee, took place on 19 August 1942. Assault troops totalled 6000, of whom 5000 were Canadians, the remainder being British Commandos and 50 Americans Rangers.
The attack was supported by four destroyers of the Royal Navy and 74 Allied air squadrons. The plan involved landing at 6 different points (Sainte Marguerite, Varengeville, Pourville, Dieppe, Puys et Berneval) on a front of roughly 16 kilometres. Allied losses were very heavy with 1000 dead, 2000 prisoners, 106 aircraft and the destroyer Berkeley lost.
The Dieppe raid still gives rise to great controversy. Some claim it was a tragic blunder. Others maintain that it was necessary to the successful invasion of the continent. There is no doubt that valuable lessons were learned which may have helped to reduce D-Day casualties. Two years later, the honour of liberating Dieppe was left to the 2nd. Canadian division. More info here.

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