In order to commemorate the 60 th anniversary of the release of Dieppe, the Dieppe Radio Club will had activate at the beginning of September the special call sign TM6OD. 1500 QSO with 85 DXCC contacted. During the same time the other large cities of the Seine Maritime have been also active with the call according to: Rouen TM6OR and Le Havre with TM6OLH. Those which will have to contact the 3 stations will receive an award release of the Seine Maritime .

september 1st 1944, opération Fusillade.

The defensive system around Dieppe worries the Allies. A naval force including two supported battleships with other ships must bombard the city. Air raids must be carried out. The Second Canadian Division must attack by the contry grounds within the framework of "operation Fusillade". What the Allies are unaware of that Dieppe was forgoten in the German plans which prescribe to defend at death the fortified towns. there was no more German soldier in Dieppe.

The elements of recognition of the 2nd Canadian Division, which made half of the way Rouen-Dieppe the day before, are nere of Dieppe. It is agreed that the bombardments naval and air will be launched as of the arrival of the first units in front of Dieppe. September First, 1944, towards 10 a.m. 30, two motorcylcists of the 14th Regiment of Hussards of the Alway colonel enter in Dieppe by what will become "l'avenue des Canadiens". Stupor: no shot, all the inhabitants of Dieppe are in the street (they are 3 000 which refused to be evacuated) and await their liberators. These two anonymous motorcylcists are the first soldiers combined to release Dieppe. The bombardments are cancelled. Among the unquestionable soldiers carried out the raid of August 19, 1942 and this is with emotion that they returns in a city wich they only saw in this terrible day.

September 3: the Second Division of Canadian infantry ravels in Dieppe. All that the city still counts of inhabitants is in the street and those taken refuge in the villages neighbourhood returned to celebrate our liberators.

A great moment ago of emotions when the Canadians will collect themselves on the tombs of their comrades fallen on August 19, 1942.

Another moment of emotion when the Former Prisoners of war give to the Canadians their flag in thanks of their early release

september 1st 2004

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